Interactive SMS Service

SMS's or text messaging is the latest way of marketing your products and services as well as the best way to keep in touch with your customers and clients. Just about everyone has a mobile phone today and what better way to keep in touch than sending them a message that is delivered in seconds and shows up directly in their phone!

Not only can you send your customers text messages to their phone as a one time marketing message, with our "Interactive SMS Service" you can have an interactive communication that is completely automated! Let's discuss some example's on how these things work.

Let's say you are a restaurant and your low volume days are Wednesday nights. You can send out a text message to all your customers on Wednesday afternoon informing them if they come in for dinner tonight they can receive a 20% discount on their meal. This is an example of a one way communication message.

You have an online shop where people are buying various products all the time. Many times people do not receive a confirmation email from you because there are various spam filters that seem to block your emails. Why not send a text message for their confirmations? After your customer has completed their purchase of a product or service on your website you can send them an instant SMS message thanking them for their patronage and giving them whatever important information you deem necessary. They will be impressed on your quick response after their completed transaction. The good thing is the text message WILL be delivered whereas the email may not be. This is another example of a one way communication message. I'm sure you can imagine many other ways you can make use of one way communications that will work for your business.

Let's discuss the "Interactive SMS Service". This is where it really starts to get interesting.

Interactive Example #1 - Authenticate Users

Let's say you want to authenticate a new client by text message. The new user has just signed up for your service and you want them to authenticate after signup. If they are a USA mobile phone user they send a text message to a "short code" we provide you. This is a 5 digit code rather than a 10 digit phone number. In the text message is the PIN code you gave the user when they signed up and a "keyword" that tells us to process this incoming text message. We securely send you the PIN code, your system checks to see if its a valid pin code, if yes, you send to us whatever you want the user to see on his phone and the authentication transaction is complete. All of this works seamlessly using our SMS API. This example assumed a signup on a web page.

In a similar scenario a user could be purchasing a prepaid phone card and you need to authenticate his mobile phone for purposes of pinless dialing from his phone. In this case you can easily authenticate the new user by his pin code and enter his mobile phone number into your system at the same time. This can be done using the Voovox "Interactive SMS Service".

Interactive Example #2 - Coupons & Vouchers

You decide to create a marketing campaign where you send out SMS's to your customer that contain a coupon or voucher they can use to buy a product or service at a discount. This coupon/voucher might also be time sensitive which means the customer needs to use it quickly or the opportunity to buy at a discount will be lost. In the SMS can also be a clickable link that takes the user to your website page to enter the coupon or voucher code. The transaction is then completed.

With Voovox "Interactive SMS Service" you can import your coupon/voucher codes, first name of your customer and additional database fields if you require them. The SMS's go out personalized and the entire operation is seamless.

Interactive Example #3 - Anonymous SMS "Chat' Service

Imagine allowing users to send an SMS to each other for back and forth chatting and being able to do it anonymously? How about being able to send an SMS to a group of people at once like in IRC chat or BCC with email? All this is done from your USA mobile phone or Voovox web interface.

Interactive Example #4 - Translation Service. Any language!

Imagine an American is traveling to South America for their first time and they don't speak a word of English. What will they do? They can use your SMS translation service. Let's say they want to say in Spanish to someone "I want to eat dinner at a nice restaurant, can you refer me to a good one"? They type this text in English and send an SMS to us with code "124". We send an SMS back in seconds with the Spanish translation. This service has incredible value for people traveling to foreign countries. Voovox can also do translation by a real person on the phone 24/7 in conjunction with an access number or using our callback service. Can you think of any other ways you can provide value with a translation service?

Interactive Example #5 - Stock Trading Alerts

Let's say you want to stay aware of a stock price without sitting in front of the computer all day long. With our "Interactive SMS Service" we can send out a text message to your mobile phone when a certain stock hits its target price.

Interactive Example #6 -