You can have your own conference calls 24/7 using your Voovox account. Its fast, easy and the price is right.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can call your conference. You can configure any or all of your Voovox International or domestic personal numbers to forward to your conference call. You can even schedule at what time during the day or specific days in the week that your personal number will forward to your conference. The conference will always be available when you need it. The conference participants pay for their call to your personal number. Their call can be free for them if you are providing a toll free personal number for them to use.

To use this service you need to configure one of your personal numbers to be forwarded to the conference. It can be done using redirect profile

Your conference call can be protected with a PIN code. All conference settings are available in your admin center under the 'conference' link.

Rates for using the conference available in the 'call rates' page in your admin center.

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