General questions about Voovox Consumer Products

Dialing Rules

I cannot make calls - BLOCKED IP

Why can't I dial my mobile number?

Simultaneous calls with one account

Using multiple VOIP devices under one account

Can I use a SIP or IAX IP phone or adapter with your service?

How to block calls to/from certain numbers

How to block calls to certain countries/area codes

I want to change my password, PIN code

How do I retrieve my password so I can login to my Voovox account?

My Internet provider blocking IAX2 or SIP traffic. What should I do?

Changing CallerID

How to File a Bug Report

Using a mobile phone to access your admin center

I am having problems with the sound quality

Echo test

Capturing call data

QoS for VOIP

How to recharge my account?

Checking account balance

Bank says I was charged

Why is my account locked?

I cannot recharge my account because my limit has been reached

I made a Paypal payment but where is my account information?

Why did my account auto-recharge?

Can you explain why my account shows 9.31 USD when I deposited 10 by Paypal?

How do I turn on auto-recharge?
How do I turn off auto-recharge?

Playing Voice mail messages under Linux

Volume of Voice mail recording

What softphone can I use on Mac?

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