Voovox SMS/Text Messaging Service

The Voovox text messaging service allows you to send text messages to mobile phones in all countries at very cheap rates.

Bulk sending of text messages can easily be done. Login to your Voovox account, import your mobile phone numbers, create your text message, send it out. For additional impact you can use merge fields from your database to personalize your text messages. You can schedule the date and time in any time zone to deliver your messages.

Listed below are the ways you can send out text messages using Voovox:

1. Internet - From your Voovox admin center

2. Mobile Phone - Using "light" Voovox admin center through your mobile internet connection.

3. API - Programmers can extend their applications using our API

4. Softphone - From Ekiga, Twinkle

5. Text editor - From GNU/Emacs

6. Google's Android devices. Using TeaSMS

7. Using simple utility script SendSMS. To use this utility you need Perl and SOAP::Lite Perl module available from CPAN.

8. Using CURL utility or any other tool which is able to make http requests:

 YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID - replace with your AccountId
 YOUR_PIN - replace with your PIN code
 FROM - SMS From field
 TO - List of destination numbers separated by coma
 MESSAGE - Message to sent 

9. Using simple python script SendSMS.

Incoming SMS's - Just Released!

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SMS service Terms and Conditions

SMS/Text Messaging Service FAQ

Q: When I send an SMS to USA mobiles the caller id is always 17203779568. How can I change it?

A: You need to have an SMS DID to get caller ID to USA mobiles. You need to enter your SMS personal number in the from field when sending messages then it will work right. If you enter any other number in the From field we change it to our number.

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