Bank Says My Account Was Charged

Q: I tried to recharge my card last night and was told there was an authorization error with my credit card. I checked with my credit card account company and they claim there is a pending 10 charge from VooVox and that the transaction has been approved. What is going on?

A: Your bank is incorrect and giving you false data. If you did not receive an APPROVAL during the Voovox credit card payment process then it's not possible the transaction went through, was approved and payment was made.

The reason your bank does this is because, temporarily, they consider an authorization attempt as a payment. This is incorrect. We've been told they hold the money for 24 hours and in some cases much longer. They eventually release it because the transaction is never approved.

What's interesting is your bank is the entity that declined the payment in the case of a "decline" and yet they hold the money for some unknown period of time. You should try and get an answer from your bank on why they do this.

The ONLY possible way Voovox can receive money from a credit card transaction is ONLY after an APPROVAL.

Do not ask us to talk to your bank as they will not listen to us or anyone for that matter regarding your held money. You will most likely have to wait it out until they decide to release your funds.