Echo test

You can test quality of your connection and you phone setup using our Echo test. Please dial: 441 and follow instructions.

In echo test everything you say will be repeated back to you just as soon as it is received. The purpose of this test is to give you an audible sense of the latency between you and the machine that is running the echo test application. You may end the test by hanging up or by pressing the pound key.

If you cannot hear yourself clearly when your voice is echoed back to you this means you have an internet or local network problem that needs to be addressed. If the echo test does not sound good then your IP calls will not sound good.

The bottom line is the echo test has to sound good. If not, then you should not be making IP phone calls until the echo test gets better.

Some users mistakenly think there is a problem with the Voovox service when in fact its their internet connection to our server or local network problem that is causing bad voice quality. This is why we have the 441 echo test so you can see how good your IP connection is to our server.