"Light" Customer Admin Center

You can login to your Voovox admin center using a mobile device like a PDA or mobile phone.We call this admin center the "light" version because it has a smaller amount of functionality compared to logging in through your browser.

The link to get to the "light" admin center is https://www.voovox.com/llogin.

The features and functionality below are available in the "light" admin center.

 account history - Displays your deposits and daily call traffic totals.  
 call rates - Displays rates for Voovox service. 
 call now - Trigger a callback and automatic connection to a specified number.
 send sms - Send an sms from your mobile device. Cheaper than sending an SMS using your mobile phone provider! 
 personal #'s - Configure routing for your personal numbers.
 call details - Displays recent call activity.
 go pinless & callback - Various other settings. 
 speed dial - Configure and modify speed dial entries.This makes it very easy to dial numbers. 

Screen shots will be added shortly.