Tiki formatter

This formatter is primarily intended as an aid to those migrating from a TikiWiki system to PodWiki. The text in the tiki formatter block is parsed and formatted according to the TikiWiki markup rules. This formatter is used by marking a section as follows:

   =begin tiki

   Text using [http://tikiwiki.org|TikiWiki] markup.


This formatter supports most of the TikiWiki markup (at least that existed at the time of this writing, approximately 29 April 2004), although in general TikiWiki plugins are not supported.

Description of Tiki markup

This section shows the markup. Note that if the Tiki formatter is not installed on this PodWiki, no text will be shown.

Emphasis: '' (two single quotes) for italics, __ for bold, ''__ for both, "===text===" underlines text, "-+text+-" monospace text

Lists: At beginning of line, "*" for bullet lists, "#" for numbered lists; increasing numbers of * or # increase the nesting level of the list item. ";term:definition" for definiton lists

Wiki References: JoinCapitalizedWords or use ((page)) or ((page|desc)) for wiki references; ))SomeName(( prevents referencing

External links: use square brackets for an external link: [URL] or [URL|link_description] or [URL|description|nocache].

Misc: "!", "!!", "!!!" make headings, "----" makes a horizontal rule

Title bar: "-=title=-" creates a title bar.

Images: "{img src=images/ok.png width=200 height=100 align=center link=http://www.yahoo.com desc=tick}" displays an image; height, width, desc, link, and align are optional

Tables: || row1-col1 | row1-col2 | row1-col3 \n row2-col1 | row2-col2col3 || creates a table ("\n" stands for a new line). Note that TikiWiki also has a table syntax that separates rows with ||, but that is not supported by this formatter.

Simple box: "^Box content^" Creates a box with the data

Colored text: "~~#FFEE33:some text~~" Will display using the indicated HTML color

Center: "::some text::" Will display the text centered

Non parsed sections: "~np~ data ~/np~" Prevents parsing data.

Preformated sections: "~pp~ data ~/pp~" Displays preformated text/code; no Wiki processing is done inside these sections.

Square Brackets: Use [[foo] to show [foo].

Block Preformatting: Indent text with any number of spaces to turn it into a monospaced block that still follows other Wiki formatting instructions. It will be indented with the same number of spaces that you used.

Table of Contents: "{maketoc}" will insert a table of contents of the page

Including another page: "{INCLUDE(page=>PageName)}{INCLUDE}" will insert the contents of the wiki page named PageName. Note that the POD markup "P<PageName>" is also accepted (and shorter). The INCLUDE syntax is primarily for those pages that have been imported from a TikiWiki web.

Examples of Tiki markup output

This section shows the output of the markup described above. Note that if the Tiki formatter is not installed on this PodWiki, no text will be shown.

italics, bold, bold italic, underlined text , monospace text


  1. # for numbered list
    1. ## for sub list
  2. second first-level item


Wiki References:

External links:

Heading level 1

Heading level 2

Heading level 3

(Horizontal rule above)

Title Bar



row1-col1 row1-col2 row1-col3
row2-col1 row2-col2col3

Boxed content

some colored text

some centered text

Non-parsed section, including embedded HTML for bold text.

Pre-formatted section.
 Note that WikiLinks are ignored.

[Text in square brackets (not turned into a link)]

 Monospaced block
 formed by leading 
 whitespace on lines

Table of Contents:

            Tiki formatter
                Description of Tiki markup
                Examples of Tiki markup output


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