Q: I need to be able to make concurrent calls at the same time (for example, for three-way calling, and because I have multiple extensions that might be in use at once). Is this possible with VooVox at all?

A: Yes it is. Log into your account. Go to OPTIONS. Click on SIMULTANEOUS CALLS. Then activate it. The DURATION is the MAXIMUM duration of a call. If you set it to 15, all calls will terminate at 15 minutes.

The number of simultaneous calls you will be sending will determine the amount of reserve balance you need to have in your account. As an example, let's say you will be doing 10 simultaneous IP phone calls at one time.

In this example, let's assume you have set a maximum call duration of 60 minutes in the SIMULTANEOUS CALLS section as described above. We will also assume that all calls will be going to Ukraine mobile. Ukraine mobile is .155/USD/min. Our system will hold a reserve at (60 minutes X .155 = 9.30 for one call. After the call is finished your account is debited for the actual cost of the call and the reserve is set back to 0. If you are doing 10 simultaneous calls to Ukraine the reserve in your account should be at least 10 x 9.30 or 93.00. If you do not have a high enough reserve then the next simultaneous call you try might not be connected due to your account balance not being high enough to accommodate the reserve.