Playing Voice Mail Messages under Linux

Q: How can I play received Voice mail messages under Linux?

A: WAV files you receive in email compressed with gsm codec. To play these files under Linux you need to have 'libgsm' installed and some software build against this lib.

E.g. You can play them with Audacity. Also there are some plugins for mplayer and xmms ( which allows to play gsm encodded audio.

It can be also played with simple utility 'play' from 'sox' package:

 dima@ast:~> play msg00001.WAV
 Input File     : 'msg00001.WAV'
 Sample Size    : 16-bit (2 bytes)
 Sample Encoding: GSM
 Channels       : 1
 Sample Rate    : 8000
 Time: 00:09.22 [00:00.82] of 00:10.04 ( 91.8%) Output Buffer: 442.17K
 play wav: invalid wav gsm frame size: 1 bytes
 Time: 00:10.04 [00:00.00] of 00:10.04 ( 100.0%) Output Buffer: 481.72K

Installed sox should have gsm format support:

 dima@ast:~> sox
 sox: SoX Version 13.0.0
 SUPPORTED FILE FORMATS: 8svx aif aifc aiff aiffc al alsa au auto avr cdda 
 cdr  cvs cvsd dat dvms fssd gsm hcom ima ircam la lu maud nist nul null ogg
 ossdsp  prc raw s3 sb sf sl smp snd sndt sou sph sunau sw txw u3 u4 ub ul uw
 vms voc  vorbis vox wav wve xa 

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