Natural formatter (WikiShorthand Markup)

PodWiki considers a page as Wiki Shorthand markup if the page is not POD formatted. This allows you to write natural text.

WikiShorthand does not support all the features of POD but it is enough for the most things.

In addition it is possible to intermix POD and Shorthand markup. You can write a normal POD page and add a formatter block for the Shorthand markup.

For the impatient: visit the WikiShorthandSample page which shows most of the features.

Description of WikiShorthand:


Just as in POD, separate paragraphs by empty lines.


Just write the headline and write a line of special characters to the next line. The following headline types are recognized:

H1 head

 H1 head

H2 head

 H2 head

H3 head

 H3 head

H4 head

 H4 head

Text formatting

Only bold and italic text formatting is supported.

bold text
 *bold text* 
italic text
 /italic text/ 

To achive bold+italic formatted text, combine * and /:

 */bold italic text/* 

Verbatim text

To force text to be printed as is (using PRE HTML tags), prepend each line with at least one white space, just like you would do in POD:

 if(blah) {


To include a graphic, just write the image filename (you have to upload it before you can do this):




PodWiki links

Write the PodWiki page name between square brackets:


will generate:


If the page does not exist, a link will be created which points to the page editor(creates a new page).

External links

Just write the URL, PodWiki will generate a link to the URL. 

will generate:

Include pages

This works exactly as with POD Includes.


You can create single-level lists. Just prepend each list item with a "o ". Each item has to be a paragraph (separated by empty line). E.g.:

 o this is
   one item
 o this is
   the other item 

will generate:


Variables are fully supported. See here for details.