Q: What are the different ways I can make calls with your service?

A: You can use our Voovox Service in many ways, depending on your access to a telephone or computer:

1. Using PhoneGnome service. PhoneGnome service is fully integrated with Voovox, allowing you to make calls from your PhoneGnome account, even using the iPhone.

2. Using an Access number. You can call from your home, office, payphone or mobile number using our access numbers. A list of countries where we have local or toll free access numbers can be found in the RATES page. Click here for more information on using access numbers.

3. Using a SIP or IAX softphone. You can call from your computer using your softphone.

4. Using our Callback service. World travelers can use our callback service to make inexpensive calls from anywhere in the world.

5. Using our Web-based "Call Now" system. Calls can be activated from your computer by telling Voovox the number to call and the number you are calling from. Our system will then call you; when you answer, the system will automatically call the number you want.

6. Using an Office PBX (Asterisk IAX or SIP). You can make calls directly from your office PBX system if your PBX can handle IAX or SIP (most PBX systems can). PBX integration with the Voovox service takes a matter of minutes and you will save a lot of money each month with this method!

7. Using a VoIP gateway. Using any IAX or SIP VoIP gateway or adapter you can make calls using Voovox. Setup takes a matter of minutes and equipment from vendors like Sipura, Quintum, Grandstream, Polycom, Cisco are supported.

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